His father is a clown, his mother is a magician… Mike Leclair has all the upbringing he needs to succeed in show business. Since his youth, Mike hasn’t missed a trick, with his expressive body, comedy timing and mastery of light and sound, his flair for entertainment couldn’t wait to get out.  A healthy and overflowing passion forced him to stop his studies and to devote himself to the world of juggling. So in order to make up lost time he travelled to the Ukraine and enrolled at the Kiev State college of Circus and Variety Arts, one of the world’s best circus schools! Throughout the following four years Mike worked his fingers to the bone, and successfully finished his course of intensive training surrounded by seasoned professionals at the 2006 graduation show with two acts that stood out from the crowd. In 2007 Mike Leclair wins the Bronze medal at the 28th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. A new duo project , «Have a Ball» brings him to the 38th Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo.

Welcome to the poetical world of Mike Leclair...


Have a Ball juggling

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mike leclair juggling

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